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The Seven Habits find their way to Shell

This year as Director of the Casa de Fe School, my dream is to bring vision, direction, and encouragement to PattiSue's goal of educating these precious kids for the long term.  With so many ideas of school "rules", along with the unique backgrounds of each of these kids, my hopes are of providing lasting morals, values, and rules to live by that Casa de Fe can carry for years to come.  Having received the Seven habits of Highly Effective People a couple of years ago in a seminar by Leader Mundial here in Quito, I found the tools that match my heart's desire in my own life and ministry.  Chet and I have since used this in our home as well as personally with great success.  As I struggled to find a set standard that all the children could live up to while enabling them as precious sons and daughters of the King, I decided to incorporate the Seven Habits AS our school and classroom rules.  My vision is to ingrain into each child the idea that they are created unique and special by Almighty God and that He has a great purpose for their lives.  This is and will be quite a challenge given the tragic and abusive history for most here at Casa de Fe.  Nonetheless, Our God is a Great Big God who can see this through in spite of us people who can get in the way of that message.  Please pray with me that this sticks in the hearts of every child.

One way I get to encourage the growth seen in the kids, as well as use positive reinforcement, is to give out awards each Friday to students chosen that have demonstrated these habits in their lives in real ways.  What an honor to see the faces (sometimes hear the groans) of joy as they receive their awards in front of the school.  Way to go kids!


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