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Dead Man Walking


Sunday I was walking back from Casa de Fe orphanage in Shell with our friends and two of my kids. The youngest one (always talking) decided to break out from deep thought in full conversation (never a rare thing with this one).  It went like this:

S-”Uncle Ron, How old are you?” 


S-”No I mean in years.  How many YEARS old are you...Really?”


S-(after a few LONG seconds of silence and reflection)

“You’re THAT old!  And YOUR STILL ALIVE!?”


S-So you know my grandpa is ALMOST 90 YEARS old!”

R-”That’s REALLY old...I’m just a kid compared to him.”

S-”Yea, and I’m just a baby!” (holding his fingers to show an inch)

R- with a chuckle...”That’s about right.” (and they keep on walking the trail side by side)...PRECIOUS guys!


Slippery when wet!


A little mud anyone?

Who says playing in the mud is just for kids?  Here in Ecuador we have seen our share of intense jungle mud and this summer with teams was no exception.  The pics will say it all...anyone for a mud bath?