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Quito Remate Find Makeover

As I was preparing to move, I took a load of old clothes to the local Remate or consignment store in Quito.  As I walked in I saw a large piece of furniture in the isle.  When I asked if I could buy it, the lady replied it wasn't for sale yet.  When pushed a little farther, she agreed to sell it to me after the price was worked out with the owner.  Needless to say, this baby became mine for $35.



I unloaded it into our carport and Chet came home and the look on his face said it all.  "What is THAT?"  I immediately reassured him I had a vision of what it could become.  He left without a response as any good husband would.  I went to work...



After a LOT of sanding off old stickers, removing the broken and mismatched hardware, and buffing off any carvings or scratches...I painted it with a matte black paint-3 coats.


I gently sanded the edges of each piece to give it a worn, used look...



Then I used a rub-on lacquer lustre finish and finally the polished silver hardware.  Now...the big question is where will this baby end up in the new house?