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How Great Is Our God!

I recently had the privilege to watch "How Great Is Our God" by Louie Giglio.  I so appreciated the reminder of worshiping the immense God I know and love.  As pictures of the planets in our galexy, stars "breathed out" by God Almighty went by the screen in comparison of size...big to enormous...I was reminded of the Great God I serve.   He is the One who knows every star by name and more than capable to bare our burdens, provide strength to the weary, set captives free forever, and lift us up on wings like eagles.  This is the POWERFUL God I know and love. 

Even to the smallest details of creation, He is there.  Thank you Mr. Giglio for the reminder of why I majored in Biology, a remembering of the love I found in studying things microscopic, organized, sturctured aright by a perfect design.  If you haven't seen this DVD or been challenged by noticing things in His creation lately, I encourage you to look around and see all He made...beginning with YOU...and be AMAZED!  His fingerprints of love are found in every detail.  If you don't believe me just google Laminin like this program mentions and see the actual protein that holds us all together...all of our cells in every part of our being.  Behold his design and bow down to the only ONE who IS and SHALL be forever more...I am amazed!