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Slippery when wet!


Christ~At Christmas Told


This poem was written during a dark night of prayer following the suicide of a dear Waorani sister.  Reflecting upon the ominous history of revenge killing to almost extinction, I was reminded of the miraculous change from over 50 years ago by the Lord of the Waorani people.  I was pressed to cry out for the protection and future of these precious lives and

all in the world who still need to know the

One called Savior~ Jesus Christ!


Christ~ At Christmas Told


Young lives snuffed out before their time; It is the Enemy of Lies behind.

Why, Oh Lord is young life lost?  This your precious gift…what cost!


The battle flairs it’s ugly head; Again the Saints are called…or dead.

Gone the fight that once was raged; In the Heart of Darkness ~ caged.


You on High, the Victor stood; Young lives grown old... the first that could.

What joy to see decades gone by; New Life, the freedom, born on High.


But Oh! Tragedy strikes again!  To steal the breath on new life’s skin.

The life is gone by her own hand; The killer fled this very land.


Too soon,  too young with things untold. Oh no! Lord Jesus make them bold.

The truth will set the captors free; My God, My God cannot they see!


The flesh cries out,  “Life for a life!” The spirits rage against the strife.

Too familiar for this group; The history is the living proof.


No more!  “The path we walk is Right!” Do not give flight to spear and fight.

The mind~ forever sinful man; The Enemy, great, rears and strikes his hand.


Gone generations of life to bring;  The hope of peace, the Savior sings.

Is this the End we all know of?  The one you say is yet to come?


But wait My Lord~ still lives abound; That lack the Truth yet so profound.

Of the new born babe in arms; Who later bore the weight of Harm.


That came upon my Savior, King. He gladly stayed while whipped with sting.

Upon that cross on Calvary’s Hill; Until one moment, life stood still.


You see He gave His all for me! That very day when kings and queens,

Became aware of One True God; That came in flesh, although quite odd.


He never fit this Earth~ life’s mold; Because His love was rarely told.

His blood dripped down the cross that day; And changed history to make a Way.


For every man, woman and child to see; That Hell is NOT your destiny!

You were meant to be with Him; As kings and queens, with Cherubim.


All around the worship sounds; The chorus~ His creation bounds!

With joy, and laughter Angels sing; The saints, His chosen join the ring.


It isn’t time, we need to pray! May our Jesus, He make a Way.

For maybe youth could reach old age; And then the names~ more on His page.

The book of Life still open to; More His chosen to come through.


Woe to man who hears the Call; Yet never bends his knee to fall;

Upon his face…Battle’s true edge; Where Satan steals life’s one last hedge.

Let the Truth be your firm band; Accept the gift of His own hand.


Come my friends and join Our King; Celebrate!  The Savior Reigns!

The battle’s won! The future set! Our God, the Christ He wants to let,

Each and every one come in, who seeks to forever be with Him.


Yes, I see it clearly now! The darkness lifted up somehow.

For He is Faithful to the end; Even when the flesh gives in.

The Promise to those who love Him back ;Receive the Crown of Life he lack.


The Hope for youth, newborn and old;

 Is that of Christ~ At Christmas told!


Christmas 2009


Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial, for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him

James 1:12


Sunday, November 1, 2009 by Katie Williams