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Krazy Recipes from the deep korner

I am beginning to collect my favorite recipes from deep within the jungle.  As we travel more and more to remote villages to live for extended periods of time (a month or so), I see the need to write down things that work.  I know there are "old" missionary cookbooks from long ago.  I even have some of them.  This new one will be the "little Williams favorites" since if I can't get my three kids to eat it, why keep cooking it.  I'll have to be creative though, since a market is non-existent, vegetables are scarce, and meat...well meat can be a number of "kills" brought to my kitchen from our Waodani friends or my boys, or Hubby or whatever makes it's way to my jungle home for dinner.  

Since October marked our latest time out deep, I thought you'd like to see what's cooking...

plecostomus fish

(Yes, the very same kind you buy to clean your fish tanks.  They live in the rivers here.)






wild pig...I brought some Hickory Smoked seasoning, meat tenderizer and fried it in a cast iron skillet.  WOW! Our families favorite so far, and it was only 11am. (you cook it when you get it when you don't have a refrigerator, electricity or a way to keep it)



And yea that's my kitchen in Tiweno!  Love it...


and yes...monkey (this summer)

wild taper






And you thought coming up with something to fix tonight for dinner was tough!  Do you feel better now?


Distance is a drag!

Sometimes I am reminded what a drag it is to live so far away from my other life.  Like when my sisters and their families get together for a BBQ at mom and dad’s; When it “seems” like all our friends are getting together to celebrate a birthday, or "just because" and we weren’t invited; A last minute “spontaneous” adventure with “the girls” (my sisters and mom and usually me too) like a trip to the spa, a movie, lunch in Newport Beach, shopping at South Coast, or even a “lets just keep driving to the Colorado River?” Huh...; even checking Facebook and it seems like every other 30+ friend has just completed the latest marathon, triathlon, or adventure race in far lands and just happens to look amazing; or worse...someone is hurting, lonely, in the hospital, or even has passed away.

Distance is a drag sometimes...and for me it usually means the holidays are right around the corner.  While my table is always filled with great friends and fun times, I miss my family...I miss you!

Need a little push?

It is beginning to rain outside, a downpour really.  I am exhausted looking at my entire counter of dirty dishes and thinking I need to get these babies done before sleep. 


Mostly my motivation is the bugs; Living in the jungle I am constantly reminded of little and not so little critters that love to remind YOU that YOU are in THEIR home not the other way around and food is just the thing to call them out. Not tonight, not in my kitchen.


Don’t get me wrong...I love bugs.  I love looking at their variety, their colors, shapes, how each one here is different and they all make me praise our Creator and stand in awe.  I mean I did major in Biology and I am the only woman I know who has a freezer full of bugs in various containers...tupperware, old ice cream bins, jars, ziploc baggies ...and several of their friends pinned out on styrofoam,resting on my dishes in my “fancy”kitchen hutch waiting for Hubby to build a display case.


But now as I am washing the pile of dirty dishes, motivated by the coming critters, tired and really grumpy that there isn’t another mommy coming to do it, I alone begin my task.  But I am not alone...


I have my display bugs, my freezer bugs, and ...my monkey who at this moment of my silence CRACKS ME UP.  Jocu, as we call him, is staring right at me face to face through my kitchen window above my sink.  He squeeks to get my attention and proceeds to swing on a rope in his cage, pushing off the window, twirling, scratching his face with his back foot and talking in his little chirps. “Hey look at me, watch this...”


I smile, then I crack up out loud.  His frayed blue rope (because he has spent endless hours tearing at it until all the parts fan out at the end like a pom pom) is his attention getter.  His chirps, sqeaks, and crazy gestures while swinging, pushing higher in front of my dish washing window all make me forget about my cranky attitude, tired body and the bugs.  For now I am focused 100% on my monkey. 


Thanks for the entertainment Jocu!  The distraction helped.  Anybody need a monkey tonight? 

Dead Man Walking


Sunday I was walking back from Casa de Fe orphanage in Shell with our friends and two of my kids. The youngest one (always talking) decided to break out from deep thought in full conversation (never a rare thing with this one).  It went like this:

S-”Uncle Ron, How old are you?” 


S-”No I mean in years.  How many YEARS old are you...Really?”


S-(after a few LONG seconds of silence and reflection)

“You’re THAT old!  And YOUR STILL ALIVE!?”


S-So you know my grandpa is ALMOST 90 YEARS old!”

R-”That’s REALLY old...I’m just a kid compared to him.”

S-”Yea, and I’m just a baby!” (holding his fingers to show an inch)

R- with a chuckle...”That’s about right.” (and they keep on walking the trail side by side)...PRECIOUS guys!