March 4th, 2013

We appreciate your prayers and support for our family and ministry here in Shell, Ecuador. Tonight, we covet your prayers once more.

"The death of two seniors and attacking another person who's injured is the tragic outcome of an attack in Yarentaro Huaorani community, 230 kilometers of Coca, capital of the province of Orellana. According to early versions of the Huaorani Organization of Orellana, Monday night March 4, a group allegedly, the Tagaeri community, came up and perpetrated aggression. The Tagaeri with Taromenane are the last two uncontacted peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Eduardo Pichilingue, coordinator of the Observatory of Collective Rights in Ecuador, told El Comercio that the dead are Ompore and Buganey, elderly (the hierarchy in the community) of Yarentaro." This content was originally published by newspaper El Comercio at the following address:

Reports indicate that the killing took place around 11:00 am, March 4th.  Our Waorani friends, Mencaye (grandson) his wife Silvia, Cawetipe and Manuella have left to go and see if they can help the situation and accompanied the Ecuadorian military as they went into the area as well. PLEASE PRAY for these young leaders and Christian Waodani as they sort out the facts and are also vulnerable themselves as they try to calm those who are grieving or may be angry seeking revenge. 

We don't have all the details and often there are rumors which we try to confirm before passing on information.  There are strong leaders and elders among the Waodani who have had to deal with these kinds of incidences over the years. The pressures on them all is immense from every side; spiritual, political, cultural, etc. Your prayers for God's power to be demonstrated through this tragedy IS NEEDED TONIGHT! The Waodani Christians have been concerned about the salvation of this "unreached" group of relatives. PRAY that the Lord may use this incident to draw more individuals to Himself! PRAY that we may be an encouragement to these leaders in critical positions. Even tonight we met with and prayed with a woman who stopped by our home in Shell, visibly upset before traveling tonight to stop her father and extended family from further spearing. PLEASE PRAY!

Standing together with Christ,

Chet and Katie Williams
The Williams develop disciple-leaders ~ indigenous, nationals, and those from North American teams ~ to equip and empower them to advance Christ's Kingdom.

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