Mourning in March

Signs of relief blanketed the face of our Waodani friend as she joyfully shared at our gate an update from behind her smile. Having just returned from meeting her family in Coca, she went on to explain her pleas to her father, brothers, and male family members NOT to retaliate the spearing in seeking out the Tagæidi and the Tadomenani. Avenging the recent death of her aunt and uncle, these Waodani men gathered together in the large city on the outskirts of the jungle territory for revenge. The young woman traveled hours to Coca to meet face to face in hopes of derailing this attack. IT WORKED! For now, her father has chosen to listen to his daughter’s cries to LIVE, to seek to walk not as their ancestors did, but to be available to the future generations of this family. For her, this strong cry to return to their village and not advance upon the remote territory of the killing was heeded that night. The agreement to return to their homes was the result of her coming, even if they were unwilling to relinquish their many long, prepared spears. They will carry them back home to each perspective village.

She then went on to share with us her incredible testimony of God saving her life several years ago as a teen. She had come down with an ailment that no doctor could diagnosis, and had returned home to die. Upon her deathbed, she was visited by an angel who shared that God had important work for her to do and she would live! The miracle of her healing spoke to her family. Soon after she accepted Christ at a Christian camp, and has been a living witness to her in-laws (Shuar Indians), her family and her community. She feels compelled to share with her family to choose life in Christ, verses the “reality of Hell for those who don’t believe.” She has led a few of her loved ones to God in personal relationship and continues to challenge even her parents to walk well with God.

Her obvious strength and determination, coupled with mercy and love, drives this young woman in Christ. She is praying to return to the village of her parents, given her fathers strong request to spend time with her following their encounter the other night. To leave her home in Shell requires some decisions: her husband’s work, her small children, her home affairs, etc. Will you pray for her as she seeks to obey Christ and this opportunity to witness to the village of her childhood? We thank God that we can walk alongside her, pray with her, and share encouragement as she chooses to follow the calling clearly given her for her life in Christ. God answered YOUR PRAYERS too!! Keep praying for the Waodani people at this time of reflection and softened hearts!

UPDATE (Monday, March18th): Our friend came by sharing that she is headed Tuesday to her village with her husband and children. She came ASKING for a bible in Wao Tededo (we have them for purchase from Wycliffe for Waodani). She explained HER AUNT, the sister of the woman killed, has asked her to come and bring her a bible! We sold (in exchange for 3 necklaces) her 2 bibles in Wao Tededo that she can use to share God’s Word to her family!! Katie also sent her with some tracks in Spanish to help equip her where to begin in sharing verses. (Thanks to a recent team who left them behind to utilize!) God is working in hearts!!

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Kimie - Mar 20, 2013 at 11:38 AM

SO happy to hear!!! Thank you for sharing and we are always praying. Wish we were closer! love you guys and so inspired and proud! :)

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