Mourning in March #2

Thanks for your continued prayers and inquiries as we walk alongside various Waodani Christ-followers in the aftermath of the recent spearing by the Tagæidi and/or the Tadomenani.

According to recent reports, the children of the slain Waodani couple will each receive a home built in their community and a small monetary compensation from the government of Ecuador to keep the immediate family members calm following the spearing by the Tagæidi and/or the Tadomenani. Hopefully this will move the couple’s children to a place of not retaliating to avenge the deaths of their elderly parents last Tuesday morning while walking near their village of Yarentaro.

While the deaths of Ompore and his wife, Bogueney, have brought the Waodani into the political light once more, I am reminded of very similar patterns in most major cities around the world, namely, gang wars. The Tagæidi and the Tadomenani have remained a people group relatively uncontacted yet surrounded by Waodani villages (with distant relatives) and the ever-encroaching oil companies doing oil extraction in that region. This recent act of spearing could just be their way of responding to the advancing generators and hard hats nearby. It could be a number of things that occurred within this people group and this death was one way to avenge such things through killing. There is a good chance we will never know the reasons behind the spearing. What we do know is that death is an opportunity for examination of eternity for those left behind.

Speaking with one friend who journeyed the moments and days following the killing with the members of the Yarentaro village, her stories recall key moments both for her and the family of Bogueney. For approximately two hours after the spearing while Bogueney’s body began the process of life to death, she called for her children to be near her side. Sawing off the extremely long spears protruding from her body to relieve the weight and pain, her children listened as she sternly spoke a message to each of them. Her command was to calm down, not to go out and spear in retaliation as in the traditional way of the Waodani. She told them all that she was not headed where her husband just went. She was to be with Jesus. Her strong words told them of His imminent return and the need to be ready to see Him soon. Jesus IS coming! Her challenge: To not respond in anger and further spearing but to LIVE! Walk the trail of life well with God and soon we will be together again. She told of hearing the former voices of Tonae and others calling to her to come along (Tonae was the first Waodani martyr.) Her children argued with her that Tonae and other Christian Waodani were not present in the hut with them, but rather she was having a delusion. But Bogueney insisted that she was headed with them to Jesus. Her final words were her wish for her grown children, grandchildren and future generations to heed the warning she gave to them. Be ready for eternity! This life is passing quickly.

These powerful words from a woman in her final moments of this life, challenge us all to examine our hearts and current path of life. Will I spend eternity with Christ or am I headed to an eternity of separation from Him? What is this life going to be full of pursuing? Things of righteousness or selfishness? Am I ready to die today?

As this event has become a time to reflect on many things for the Waodani people, will you join us in prayer for the salvation of many more through this challenge to know Jesus? Please pray for the few Christ-followers who carry this burden alone and for the ones without God in their families, tribe, and communities. May these believers be renewed in strength by the words of the woman slain and rise up to the opportunity to reach out during this time of uncertainty we call the present!


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Padmini E. - Mar 20, 2013 at 2:16 PM

Katie: What a story! It affects each and every one of us on many levels. And while your friends are grieving, you and Chet get to be Jesus to them. May the warmth of the Holy Spirit be even more real in this place and do a mighty work in the lives of the orphaned children. We love you!

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