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I have a block of precious cheese that was flown here to the jungle from a caring friend. When should I get it out to eat it?!@# I protect such insignificant little things…mostly my 3 MK’s that are grieving the coming loss (next week) of 5 missionary families leaving the field. Being in our 10th year, I realize I have put this tremendous pain on my children…to say hello, fall in love with friends, and then have their heart ripped out over and over. It doesn’t get easier. Praise God for Internet and technology! We miss cousins, grandparents, aunties and uncles. Now they just text them from the jungle-WHAT!? They have friends all over the globe. They have an incredible world view. They love the poor, broken-hearted, and widows so easily. They eat jungle meats, bugs and other foreign foods yet appreciate great steak and crab and fine foods too. They are in elementary school! They speak 3 languages. They hold regular and mature conversations with adults, children, elderly…anyone! They are witness to miracles. My kids know God is REAL and they tell their friends, cousins, and family all about it over Skype and Vonage! My heart is ripped out almost daily at the pain of missing my best friend raising her adopted and prayed for baby girl…God catching 10 years of those tears. I bleed (it feels like) from the pain of a sister going through divorce and one who is sick, nieces and nephews in need, and elderly parents alone in Alzheimers. I check ticket prices and dream I am quickly wealthy…maybe a trip just to ring the front doorbell and catch a loved ones’ face in surprise. Priceless! My 3 babies travel well…hours by plane, car, canoe, or foot. They have seen places in a decade that most of the world will never see firsthand. They name the terantulas that live in our home (to rid the nasty and dangerous other bugs), hunt with indigenous friends, slide down unknown waterfalls, visit most US states and the “famous” places as guests of supporters, and know what it is to want, and to have much! They actually do really well with that. They don’t struggle like their mom does; with pinterest, facebook, and online magazines. Most of all, they feel famous because of the incredible people who partner and love on us as missionaries. They know it takes those who will GO and those who will GIVE and those who PRAY always. They know and understand something far greater than us all…to be a small part of bringing His Kingdom come here on earth!! It is that understanding that keeps this mom keeping on and puts my life back in perspective. What a privileged life I lead:)…and sometimes really hard!

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Cheryl Olsen - Sep 2, 2013 at 5:35 PM

Fun to read some of your blogs today, Katie! We were in Shell and blessed to visit with your husband Chet in August. I was impacted by the story of Jim & Elisabeth Elliot, Nate Saint and others when I was a child growing up. Our son, Jim & Suzy (& our granddaughter Kaia) now serve with Youth World (El Refugio) in Calacali - and we were in Ecuador visiting them. Our time at Shandia, and visiting the Elliot house, and the Saint house in Shell were special times in our 2-week stay with our kids. May God continue to bless you as you follow the calling He has given you - mine was as a pastor's wife, away from our families, as well - but not quite SO far away as yours! Now our own 5 grown children are following His calling to even further areas & we are grateful for HIS hand on their lives. He is faithful!!

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